“Truth Slash Fiction” is an independent pilot I directed and produced, which won Best Comedy Pilot at SeriesFest and ITVFest, and was optioned by Lionsgate TV. Check out the trailer above, and scroll right for a fan video. About the show:

An irreverent dramedy that follows 16-year-old Emma Jacobs as she navigates the indignities of adolescence. Through it all, Emma clings tightly to the songs of the boyband “Truth”: a One Direction-style supergroup whose romantic earnestness is Emma's only refuge from the often cruel and anxiety-filled social interactions that make up her world. Emma's love of those sultry-voiced boys leads her to join a group of like-minded fans who channel their devotion in an unusual way: they write slash fiction (ie “gay erotic fan fiction”) involving the band they love so much.

"Baby It's You" #TRUTHFanVid

Even though the band is not (yet) real, the trailer went viral on twitter and the band/show has some enthusiastic fans. They made this video to Truth’s track “Baby It’s You” (the creative geniuses behind TRUTH are Tim Rosser & Charlie Sohne)